About The Event

We believe that riding our bikes can change the world.

The Ride for Refuge is a family-friendly cycling and walking fundraiser that supports charities who provide refuge and hope for displaced, vulnerable and exploited people everywhere.

Since 2004, the RIDE has helped over 500 charities raise more than $14,000,000. The 2018 Ride for Refuge will be held on Saturday, September 29, 2018 and provides each participant the chance to:

Remember - you need to be on a team riding for the charity you love for your fundraising to flow to them! Team Captains are responsible for selecting the charity when they start their team.

Registration Details
  • Kids 10 and under: Absolutely free to participate (but you'll have to fundraise $75 to earn your t-shirt).
  • Youth 11-17: Fundraise $75 or more to earn your t-shirt and avoid paying the registration fee of $25.
  • Adults 18 and over: Fundraise $150 or more to earn your t-shirt and avoid paying the registration fee of $25.
  • Note: The registration fee will increase to $40 on Monday, September 24th.
Routes & Distances

Cycling Routes

Cyclists can select 10km, 25km or 50km distances when registering. Many locations may require you to loop the 25km route twice to complete your 50km.

Walking Routes

We also offer a 5km walking route at each RIDE site. About 25% of our participants select this option.

Fun and Safety

Our sites offer child-friendly routes (where at all possible) that are well-staffed with friendly volunteers. Along the route, riders and walkers enjoy rest stops and support vehicles. After the event, lunch is served for all volunteers and participants.

More About Our Cause

Passion for People

The Ride for Refuge helps some remarkable charities raise much-needed money for their tireless and determined work with displaced, vulnerable, and exploited people around the world.

Who are displaced?

We see it on the news all the time - many countries are experiencing the destructive and displacing effects of war, government breakdown, religious strife and social conflict.

The RIDE supports charities and churches who serve:

  • Refugees and Internally Displaced Peoples (claimants or sponsored)
  • Migrant Families (economically displaced and migrant workers)
  • Indigenous and First Nations People

Who are vulnerable?

Unfortunately, the world has no shortage of people left behind, ignored or simply forgotten, forsaken or considered unneeded.

The RIDE supports charities and churches who serve:

  • Widows (men & women)
  • Orphans (abandoned and street kids, as well as other disadvantaged children)
  • Homeless (urban or rural poor)
  • Abused (adults, the elderly, and kids)

Who are exploited?

Human exploitation has many faces, including human trafficking, sex or economic exploitation, and forced prostitution and other sex work (like forced stripping/pornography).

The RIDE supports charities and churches who serve:

  • Human Trafficking survivors and victims (child & adult)
  • Sex-trade survivors and victims (child & adult)
  • Forced labour survivors and victims (child, bonded, forced marriage, child soldiers)

Approved Programs

The RIDE requires all charities to apply for participation in our RIDE Charity Grant Program and each charity must fit both the people criteria above and the program criteria below:

  • Relief & Aid: Direct aid for catastrophe, war, and oppression
  • Development & Reconstruction: Direct or third-party NGO support for development and reconstruction initiatives including micro-finance and sustainable funding
  • Food & Water: Programs supporting nutrition, food banks, missions and accessible water
  • Shelter & Housing: Any shelter whether temporary, permanent or expansion
  • Medical & Dental: Treatment and follow-up care, including HIV clinics, pediatrics, pain management and all necessary supplies
  • Education & Tuition: Job skills, trades, ESL, career, tuition support, and Biblical curriculum and training
  • Settlement & Acclimatization: New arrival support, training and financial aid
  • Counsel & Legal: Spiritual counseling, development, discipleship, care for post-traumatic stress syndrome, and immigration and refugee claim legal counsel
Become a RIDE Charity

How Can We Help?

The RIDE works with 100s of registered charities and churches across the country, helping them raise money and build buzz for their charity and cause.

Maybe it's time you join us?

We have three objectives for you as a RIDE Charity Partner:

1. That you successfully achieve the fundraising goal you set.

2. That you successfully recruit and gather your community.

3. That you successfully learn to ask better, talk about yourself better and, understand fundraising events better.

If you'd like to talk with us about becoming a RIDE Charity Partner, please contact Jen at the phone number or email below.

Note: Deadline for RIDE charity registration is August 1, 2018.

Please contact Jen Taylor, Director of Development:

  • Phone 226-868-1874
  • Office 519-603-2250 x8
  • Toll-free 1-877-743-3413
Got questions about The Ride for Refuge?
info@rideforrefuge.org / 1.877.743.3413