Download Forms + Tools

Here's all of our downloadable RIDE Tools! Click on a tool image to get a shareable link.

Family WaiverAllows a legal guardian or parent to quickly fill out a waiver for up to 10 participating family members, plus themselves.
Pledge FormCollect your cash/cheque donations with this pledge form (includes a quick how-to guide too).
WaiverA classic printable waiver! (You don't need to fill this out if you're an adult and have registered online.)
Letterhead (2023 Theme)Add the Ride for Refuge's official 2023 themed letterhead to start your emails off with a bang.
Letterhead (General)This dateless letterhead kicks off your RIDE emails and letters off in timeless style.
Photo Pack 2022A bushel of offbeat pictures freshly picked from our national grove of volunteer photographers.
PostcardPrint out these 5.75" x 4.125" bilingual postcards and tuck them into letters, hand them out at street corners, or get 'em flapping in your bike spokes!
RIDE LogoA pack of official Ride for Refuge logos in a whole bunch of formats.
StencilsPrint these up, cut them out, and spray away. (Get permission first of course.) Scalable to any size.
Thank You Card (Stripes)This stripey 4.25" x 5.5" top-folded card is meant to be printed on thick glossy cardstock.
Thank You Card (Themed)This themed 4.25" x 5.5" top-folded card is meant to be printed on thick glossy cardstock.
Tips + Tricks
25 Tips for Team Recruiting25 short ideas, tips, and tricks (with pictures!) to help you get people on your team.
Donor Letter TemplatesA bunch of handy templates to jumpstart your donor emails to relatives, friends, colleagues, or acquaintances.
Fundraising TipsA quick one-pager with 8 breezy tips to jumpstart your fundraising mojo.
Photo + Video TipsA quick one-pager with tips, help, and instructions for RIDE Volunteer Photographers.
School ChallengeUse the powers of your local school, college or university to improve your community.
The ChallengeLearn more about how your organization can get involved in the RIDE.
Tips for Team CaptainsSo you wanna be a captain? Here's how the pros do it...
2022 Video: GetawayI’m sooo ready for a getaway. I could really use an escape!
Fundraising TipsJoin Brian and some badly-drawn cartoons for a wild ride through 8 quick secrets to making fundraising not so panic-attacky.
RIDE Success Story: CompassLearn about the impact the RIDE is having on a local Canadian charity.
What is Normal?Life is messy - how can we ever change the world if we can't connect with each other?
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