Become a RIDE Charity

How Can We Help?

The RIDE works with 100's of registered charities and churches across the country helping them raise money and build buzz for their charity and cause.

Maybe it's time you join us?

We have three objectives for you as a RIDE Charity Partner:

1. That you successfully achieve the fundraising goal you set.

2. That you successfully recruit and gather your community.

3. That you successfully learn to ask better, talk about yourself better and, understand fundraising events better.

Click the drop down menus below to read more about the RIDE. If you'd like to talk with us please contact Jen at the phone number or email below.

Note: Deadline for RIDE charity registration is August 1, 2017.

Please contact Jen Taylor, Director of Development:

Features / Benefits



Family Friendly

We feature safe family cycling routes as well as a walk option - anyone can participate and enjoy themselves.

Very Fun

Our cause is serious but on RIDE day your participating staff, friends and family will have a ball.

Generous Payout

Grant payouts range between 65% and 80% depending on how much your charity raises.

Turn Key

If approved, your charity can begin recruiting and fundraising within an hour.

Campaign Hub

Enjoy your own online campaign hub to help you track your teams, riders, fundraising and key stats.

Great Buzz

The RIDE will you tell your story and raise awareness - enjoy the buzz of national peer-to-peer fundraising event .

Reach Wide

Recruit teams at any locations across the country or use our Ride/Walk Anywhere option.

Helpful Cashflow

Raise the money in September and get paid by late November, early December.

You're Welcome

You focus on recruiting and your campaign - we'll look after everything else.

Charity criteria + goals

We're looking for registered charities or strong programs within a church or charity with the following characteristics:

Your Charity or Program

  • You are respected for your work with displaced, vulnerable or exploited people.
  • You are in good standing with the CRA and have strong financial management and board oversight.
  • You have or are building a vibrant culture of fundraising**
  • You see the potential in the event and want to grow.

Your Charity Buy-In

  • Your CEO / ED supports and is enthusiastic about your involvement in the Ride for Refuge.
  • You have a known leader in place who is tech-savvy and communicative with the time, energy, credibility and drive to lead and coach a team well.
  • You value and understand BSP's mission and financial model and (on most days), are fun to work with.

Your Campaign Goals

  • All charities are required to set at least a $5000 minimum goal but frankly, it should be higher to make it worth your time and effort.
  • You understand that the RIDE is a fundraiser first - raising awareness is a secondary by-product of a great fundraiser.
  • We want to work with charities who see the great potential of the RIDE and are excited with the fundraising possibilities.
  • We encourage all charities to dream big! Your account manager will help you develop a recruitment plan to succeed with a fundraising goal you can actually achieve.
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