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Where the Money Goes

The Ride for Refuge is a charitable program of Blue Sea Foundation, a CRA-registered charity #819882655RR0001 - visit our CRA page for more information.

Our vision is to see a more generous world where charities thrive, and the RIDE is one of our programs that assists in that objective.

More Information

Charity partners in the Ride for Refuge benefit from accessing our leadership, coaching, and national turn-key event with its fundraising and promotion infrastructure that saves money on staff time, development costs, cash flow risk, insurance, receipting, and ongoing management.

Whereas a typical direct-services charity has program costs like feeding, shelter, or counseling, our direct charity program costs include both our event grants as well as items like program staff, signage, event gear, t-shirts, and the fundraising portal.

The total of all Ride for Refuge earned-grants plus our direct event costs equals our charitable program (as defined by the CRA, our national auditor BDO Dunwoody and overseen by our Board of Directors).

Charity Partner Payout Schedule

Once approved, charity partners recruit team captains, who recruit riders and walkers, who in turn fundraise. The total of all online donations and any cash and cheque donations contribute to their Charity Fundraising Total.

Total Raised by Charity

Payout %

$100,000 plus








  • 97% of our charity partners raise above $10,000 and our average payout among all charities is 74%.
  • Payout percentage is cumulative from the first dollar.
  • Payout is calculated on total verified donation revenue and community sponsorships.
Financial Reporting + Accountability

Management and Blue Sea Foundation's independent Board of Directors are responsible for the financial statements. Our charity number is #819882655RR0001 - visit our CRA listing page.

  • The financial statements have been prepared in accordance with Canadian, generally accepted accounting principles for not-for-profit organizations as established by the Accounting Standards Board of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants.
  • The preparation of financial information is an integral part of the ongoing management of our organization. Management has developed and maintains financial and management controls, information systems and management practices to provide reasonable assurance that financial information is objective and reliable and that the organization's assets are safeguarded.

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