Video 2022

2022 Video: GetawayI’m sooo ready for a getaway. I could really use an escape!

I’m sooo ready for a getaway!

One last check to make sure I’ve packed everything. Got a nagging feeling there’s something missing... duh, can’t forget that. Hmm, maybe this too. And that. Yes. There. Just to be safe…

It feels different when the trip… isn’t planned. When “getaway” and “escape” aren’t just cute words for “vacation”, but real getaways from looming threats, actual escapes from danger. For many, packing is done with shaking hands, hushed voices, a stomach in knots, taking only what you can carry. It’s a lonely road to travel alone.

That’s what the Ride for Refuge is all about.

We’re biking and walking to raise funds for local charities serving those seeking refuge from danger, hardship, and abuse. Since 2004, we’ve joined together and braved the elements in solidarity with people and families who are facing that road alone, to bring them back to safety, support, and shelter.

Come join us! Start a team, walk, bike, donate, volunteer, spread the word. It’s time to go. Are you ready?

Because what moves your heart, moves your feet. What moves you?

Got questions about the Ride for Refuge? | 1.877.743.3413