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What is Normal?

Well, it feels like things are opening up again... like it's time to get out and do something. Like maybe, things are getting back to normal?

The question is, what is normal? Does that just mean sinking back into our old routines again, not fixing the broken stuff? I mean, it's not like everything was perfect before. Sometimes it seems like we're too disconnected from each other, walled off in our private worlds with our own personalized feeds. How can we ever change the world if we can't connect with each other?

The Ride for Refuge is an event that brings together Canadians from coast to coast who aren't content with just normal. Whether we're biking, walking, gaming, knitting - we're doing whatever we can to fundraise for charities who improve the world and the lives of displaced, vulnerable, and exploited people.

Our care drives us, and unites us. Let's team up... even it it gets a little messy.

October 1, 2022 #ride22

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