Video: Launch 2023

2023 Video: These Are FeetWhen your heart overflows, you just have to move!

These are feet! They can walk. They can pedal. They can work. They can relax. They can splash. They can climb. They can dance. They can hang out.

But feet aren't doing this on their own! Feet move because we want them to - they run to chase our desires, they climb to reach our goals, they follow our lead when we’re motivated. And when your heart overflows, you just have to move.

This year, across the country we’re lacing up, buckling our helmets, and moving our feet (and our hearts) in the Ride for Refuge. It’s a family-friendly fundraising walk and bike ride, and we’re hitting the road together to help people seeking hope, safety, and freedom.

But, there’s a twist: even though the RIDE is a national event, your fundraising stays local, providing much-needed support to your amazing charity doing important work right here in your community.

So, join us! Bring together your friends and family to start a team, walk, bike, fundraise, donate, sponsor, volunteer, and share. Let that care you’ve got inside of you bubble up and turn into action.

Because what moves your heart, moves your feet. What moves you?

Got questions about the Ride for Refuge? | 1.877.743.3413