School Challenge

Want to use the powers of your local school, college, or university to activate and improve your community? Step up and get involved in the Ride for Refuge, a family-friendly fundraising bike + walk in support of local charities who serve people seeking hope, safety, and freedom. Here’s what you can do...

1. Pick a Leader

You’ll need a leader, commander, captain: someone who can steer the RIDE ship and has a natural talent for bringing people together. This can be a teacher, principal, staff member, or administrator - anyone with a big heart who can get students excited about the RIDE.

2. Connect with Your Local Charity

Reach out to a local charity in your community that is already participating in the Ride for Refuge. You can find an official RIDE charity close to you by visiting

Talk to them about supporting their work through your own school RIDE - they’ll be overjoyed! The charity is your main RIDE contact point; they’ll supply you with resources to help make your walk or bikeride fun.

3. Pick a Route, Date, and Time

Create a route for your school walk or bikeride that is easy for your students to access - in most cases, this should be on your school’s campus. Outdoors is best (around a soccer field for example), but in a pinch you can even walk the halls or around your school’s gymnasium.

Then, select a date and time that fits in well with your school’s schedule. We highly recommend walking or biking between October 1 and 4 - this is the week preceding RIDE’s official event date. Closer to the event is better.

School ChallengeUse the powers of your local school, college or university to improve your community.

4. Sign Up Online

You’re going to need a team page to collect online donations! The leader you’ve selected should be the captain of this team and the ‘face’ of this school event.

5. Tell People About It

Get the word out! You’re riding, walking, and fundraising for the RIDE, say it loud and proud. Promote widely - share your team page link with students and encourage them to join, fundraise, and collect pledges. Hype it up, incentivize, and recognize hard workers. A few ideas to get the ball rolling:


What about RIDE shirts?

Sorry, shirts are for participants in the main event only! School events will not be shipped boxes of shirts for event day. If students have their hearts set on earning a shirt, they are welcome to sign up online to attend a RIDE main event - they must raise $150 to earn their shirt ($75 if they are under 18).

What about insurance?

Our liability coverage does not extend to your school, nor any activity you or your participants decide to pursue. RIDE’s insurance only applies to participants attending the main event during event day, not to offsite events.

What about waivers?

RIDE Waivers are not required for any school-based event, since neither the local charity nor the national RIDE headquarters are extending insurance for your event. However, schools may collect their own waivers from participants if they choose to do so.

Where can we walk?

We prefer you walk offsite (preferably on your school’s grounds), not at your charity’s main event. Most RIDE events simply do not have the capacity to accommodate the volume of participants that schools would entail.

How do we enter pledges?

Login to your team page Fundhub, visit ‘Enter $$ and Cheques’, and follow the instructions to pay off the pledges by credit card. Eligible donors will automatically receive tax receipts.

Got questions about the Ride for Refuge? | 1.877.743.3413