RIDE/WALK Anywhere

Do you want to participate in the RIDE but live too far away from an official RIDE location?

No problem! RIDE/WALK Anywhere allows teams 40 minutes or more away from a RIDE location to be able to register, raise funds and participate for the RIDE-approved charity of their choice.

How it works: short version

How it Works: Long Version


  • Leadership: All RIDE/WALK Anywhere teams must have an adult captain (aged 18 or over)
  • Size: All teams must have 3 or more members riding or walking together (for safety, encouragement and support).
  • Name: When naming your team include your city or town name in it first like "Toronto - Warm Hearts for Haiti". We'll go in and edit it if you miss.


All RIDE/WALK Anywhere teams must ride or walk on September 29, 2018, to align with our national event and the campaign they are riding for.


The RIDE/WALK Anywhere program is for use by teams who are located 40 minutes or more away from an official RIDE site. Search our list of locations here to see which is closest to you.


All riders/walkers must register online to help us monitor your team size and the average age for safety purposes and, to ensure the online waiver form is accepted during registration. You can't participate without registering online and Team Captains are required to enforce this.


  • The RIDE is a fundraiser, so be sure to ask friends and family to support your efforts financially.
  • All funds must be raised by credit card or PayPal online
  • Cash donations can be received by participants but then must be paid in full online in the fundraising portal through the "Enter $$ or Cheques" tab.
  • Cheques made out to Ride for Refuge may be mailed - with the rider or walker name in the memo line and completed Donation Form/"My Results Form" - to:

Ride for Refuge

260-659 King Street East

Kitchener, ON

N2G 2M4


Everyone loves our groovy, long-sleeved RIDE t-shirts. To ensure you receive yours, please read below carefully:

  • All RIDE/WALK Anywhere participants who raise their fundraising minimum (Adults $150, youth $75) by September 15, 2018 will have their RIDE t-shirts mailed to their team captain's home address for distribution prior to the event or on event day.
  • As supplies last, we will mail out t-shirts to RIDE Anywhere participants who earned their t-shirts after the cutoff date above, but after the event where supplies permit.


  • Team Captains are responsible for selecting safe routes to cycle or walk on their community.
  • The website MapMyRide is the online tool we recommend you use to plan and map your routes. Visit http://www.mapmyride.com
  • Please ensure that you ride or walk the route before RIDE Day to ensure all roads are open and safe. Generally speaking, you should select a clockwise direction for safer right-hand turns, controlled access intersections and roads with bike lanes and slower speeds. Please select walking routes on quiet streets using sidewalks where at all possible.


RIDE/WALK Anywhere cannot exceed 30 participants. One large team or a couple average sized teams is the maximum permitted. We carefully monitor team size and location and communicate directly with each Team Captain to ensure compliance.


Team captains are responsible for ensuring all riders and walkers:

  • Have registered online and have accepted the online waiver
  • Follow the rules of the road, local laws, and highway traffic act
  • Ride in single file or on sidewalks
  • Wear a helmet (cyclists only)
  • Confirm that at least one member has a cell phone for emergency contact

How to sign up:

  • Select RIDE/WALK Anywhere as your location
  • Create a team and select your charity of choice (or join an existing RIDE/WALK Anywhere team), then proceed through the registration process
  • Begin fundraising online soon - it's easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our family (2 adults, 2 kids) is riding (or walking) as a team. Will you send us all a t-shirt?

This calls for some RIDE math! If your family team has raised: ($150 x 2)+($75 x 2) = $450 collectively, then we'd be happy to send you 4 t-shirts to the team captain's home address. Make sure each team member is registered online and has selected their preferred t-shirt size.

Our youth group is riding and one team member raised way more than the others - will you send us all t-shirts?

Not in this case. Family teams are a little different since most will be drawing from a common group of friends and family members for donations, and so we allow them to pool their fundraising results. For all other teams, we'll calculate how many on the team have raised $150 (adults) or $75 (youth by September 15, and send the appropriate number of t-shirts to the team captain. And don't try to tell us all of your teammates are sixteenth cousins...

What if I don't raise $150 / $75 until after the Sept. 15 deadline? Will you still send me a t-shirt?

We sure will - but after Sept. 29th (if we still have your size available).

What do I do with the money I raised for my partner charity?

All donations must be collected online, or for cash donations, settled online using your own credit card or PayPal account. You can enter cash or cheque donations into your page by logging in to FundHub. Navigate to the "Enter $$ or Cheques" tab, and enter your donor's information and donation amount. Once that information is saved, you can pay the pledge by credit card or PayPal. As long as you include your donor's full mailing address and email address, a receipt will be sent to your donor as soon as you pay off the donation.

I have more questions!

We have more answers! Check out the RIDE FAQ page first. If we still haven't answered your questions, please contact info@rideforrefuge.org.

Contact Info

RIDE/WALK Anywhere

For more information on RIDE/WALK Anywhere, or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

Katy Biersteker

RIDE/WALK Anywhere Coordinator

Phone: 1-877-743-3413

Email: katy@blueseaphilanthropy.org

Got questions about the Ride for Refuge?
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