Covid-19 Questions

Like many of you, our team is isolating at home and adapting to video conferencing, pet intrusions, and our kids' seemingly bottomless energy reserves. It's a strange time! Here are the 4 most common questions we are hearing right now...

Is the RIDE canceled or postponed?

No way! But it will be different. The RIDE will happen as scheduled on Saturday, October 3, 2020. However, Covid-related health risks and operational challenges won't permit us to assemble in large groups. So instead, we will gather together as always, but self-organize in smaller covid-friendly teams or groups of teams as permitted.

Is there a virtual option for the RIDE?

Yes, absolutely! Since 2004 we've cycled or walked in support of the charities we we're fundraising for. And, normally we all gathered together in locations near us to do it. But this year for obvious reasons we can't.

But here's the good news - there's so many more ways to RIDE this year. You can register your team, gather your friends and select one of 15 RIDE Freestyle fundraising activities. Or, mix and match within your team. Do what you can, wherever you can. #nobikesrequired

Can you still ride your bike or walk?

Yes, of course! Still, it might be fun to try something different - take a look at the RIDE Freestyle choices and imagine what else you could do. You might find a new way to express your passion... for Refuge.

When is the RIDE and when does it launch?

Event Day is Saturday, October 3 and we officially launch the 2020 campaign on June 1.

When can charities register for RIDE 2020?

Any time before August 15! If your charity has participated in a previous RIDE, one of our team (Kyla, Mika, Shellie, or Jen) will call you personally to see how the RIDE can assist you in your 2020 fundraising goals. If you are ready to renew, we'll get you set up over the phone.

Got questions about the Ride for Refuge? | 1.877.743.3413