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Here's our complete list of RIDE Tools! Click on a tool image to get a shareable link.

Donation FormCollect your cash/cheque pledges with this pledge form (includes a quick how-to guide too).
Liability WaiverAll riders, walkers, and volunteers are required to fill in this Liability Waiver and Release form to participate in the Ride for Refuge.
Donor Letter TemplatesA bunch of handy templates to jumpstart your donor emails to relatives, friends, colleagues, or acquaintances.
Fundraising TipsA quick one-pager with 8 breezy tips to jumpstart your fundraising mojo.
Tips for Team CaptainsSo you wanna be a captain? Here's how the pros do it...
Email LetterheadDrag and drop this graphic into your emails and presto! 100% slicker-looking.
LetterheadPolish up your fundraising letters with this official RIDE 2017 Letterhead.
Photo Pack 2016Fresh new photos for 2016. Special thanks to our dozens of volunteer photographers for taking some incredible pictures!
Photo Pack 2017A brand new collection of stellar photos shot by dozens of amazing RIDE volunteers across our many locations.
PostcardsPrint out these 5.5" x 4" postcards and tuck them into letters, hand them out at street corners, or get 'em flapping in your bike spokes!
PostersThis big bright 11.5 x 8.5 poster can be printed out and stuck onto any wall, window, or door that looks like it needs a little RIDEifying.
PowerpointA gigantic collection of Powerpoint slides and templates to use for announcements at church, school or work.
RIDE LogoA pack of official Ride for Refuge logos in a whole bunch of formats.
Save the Date 2018This simple 6" x 4" postcard design can be printed on thick coated cardstock and handed out like candy.
StencilsPrint these up, cut them out, and spray away. (Get permission first of course.) Scalable to any size.
Tips for PhotographersA quick one-pager with tips, help, and instructions for RIDE Volunteer Photographers.
25 Tips for Recruiting Riders25 short ideas, tips, and tricks (with pictures!) to help you get people riding or walking with you.
RIDE/WALK AnywhereWant to participate in the Ride for Refuge, but live too far away from an official location? Set up your own local RIDE!
Video 2016So, you tapped a share button. Liked a picture. Left a comment. Retweeted an article. What happens now?
Video 2017: Spot 1It's in these moments that you're truly tested - when your heartrate soars, and you can almost feel the other riders breathing down your neck...
Video 2017: Spot 2When you're working this hard, it's important to stay hydrated...
Video 2017: Spot 3When I'm out here, I'm free. I'm focused. Nobody can slow me down...
Video Fundraising TipsJoin Brian and some badly-drawn cartoons for a wild ride through 8 quick secrets to making fundraising not so panic-attacky.
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