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Fort Langley Scoreboard

Are you thrashing the competition (for a good cause)? Find out! Stats are updated every 15 minutes.

Teams Participants Charities 
Top 10 Teams
1Village AdvocatesDavid LaurinoFort Langley48$7,941.78 
2#feed 1000Dan SchatFort Langley38$4,440.00 
3Credo CubsAlyson WinkelaarFort Langley79$4,213.00 
4Hungry PedalersDenise DarrellFort Langley52$4,101.00 
5Keep Calm and Cycle OnIrene SchatFort Langley37$3,605.00 
6Stella's WalkersDarlene KlassenFort Langley40$3,480.00 
7Delta ER: Public Enema #1Janelle TarnowFort Langley52$3,476.00 
8Pedal PushersHarmen BerghuisFort Langley53$3,470.00 
9Stella's RidersGary KlassenFort Langley39$3,400.00 
10Team Strong and FreeTara TengFort Langley24$2,911.00 
Top 200 Teams
11Bakerview ChurchBruce HaveryFort Langley15$2,675.00 
12Kingdom Life Community CyclesJoshua BuysFort Langley36$2,629.10 
13SpineWorks Dream TeamEmily BrunnerFort Langley40$2,415.00 
14Perrin Pedal PowerDrew PerrinFort Langley17$1,855.00 
15Slow SpokesWinnie YipFort Langley21$1,830.00 
16The Wheel DealChristiana ReitsmaFort Langley11$1,575.00 
17Care At HomeDavid PelFort Langley7$1,550.00 
18Flying DutchmenMonique LieuwenFort Langley11$1,490.00 
19Cruisin with the J-Wall'sJarret WallFort Langley13$1,425.00 
20Mercy HomeNancy CahillFort Langley10$1,400.00 
21Fleetwood CRC RoadiesNatasha VedderFort Langley19$1,384.44 
22Hope RidersBruce BreitkreutzFort Langley17$1,340.00 
23Newton HopestersCelia HillFort Langley26$1,310.00 
24Cassiar Film Co.Adam WormaldFort Langley17$1,265.00 
25Langley Mercy RidersAmy VanderhorstFort Langley17$1,260.00 
26Credo BearsJerry ScholtensFort Langley15$1,250.00 
27The Pedal PushersLeoni AndersonFort Langley13$1,195.00 
28Crossridge RidersEric SteinhilberFort Langley27$1,170.00 
29Team Goulet for RatanakMichelle GouletFort Langley4$1,155.00 
30Fort GuatemalaKaia NickelFort Langley12$1,140.00 
31Starbucks Team 279Leo SantosFort Langley4$1,118.05 
32FitFriendsDarci FrigonFort Langley19$1,107.00 
33Peter's Team - Inasmuch CommunityPeter PredigerFort Langley15$1,096.00 
34Cycling4WaterMike WoodardFort Langley7$910.00 
35Sarah's Striding TeamSarah CasimongFort Langley11$795.00 
36Cedar Grove HopestersMonte FevangFort Langley19$755.00 
37Freedom RidersKathleen VanderVeenFort Langley21$745.00 
38Trinity Refugee Awareness CampaignJohanna AlderliestenFort Langley16$732.00 
39Burnaby FamilyDona WilkieFort Langley9$610.00 
40The Bike CrewCharmaine WeeFort Langley6$570.00 
41NLCC Yorkson TeamTess MawsonFort Langley6$475.00 
42Walkin' for WaterSaron GoebelFort Langley8$425.00 
43For StellaJames PiperFort Langley7$400.00 
44Village HopestersMarc VanderveerFort Langley8$305.00 
45Team LEEVanessa MayrandFort Langley5$255.00 
46Lyn's Riders for Open DoorsLynell HoskynFort Langley4$230.00 
47Peace Arch Tide ChangersDarryl LochFort Langley2$230.00 
48The Power ChangersEstefania HernandezFort Langley3$165.00 
49Jonathan Erickson - Real Estate RidersJonathan EricksonFort Langley1$155.00 
50CyclepathsPeter KotelesFort Langley2$150.00 
51Ride like the WindedHeather StevensonFort Langley1$150.00 
52RB's relaxed racersRichard BelchamFort Langley2$140.00 
53Lyn. Cycles for Open DoorsLyn. L. Hoskyn'sFort Langley0$0.00 
54Top GearWilliam VaxevanisFort Langley0$0.00 
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