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Restorations Scoreboard

Are you thrashing the competition (for a good cause)? Find out! Stats are updated every 15 minutes.

Teams Participants 
1Wait, what did I sign-up to do?Sarah WitmerHamilton87$8,355.00 
2Wings of FreedomNancy WingHamilton30$2,320.00 
3Duarte Group Inc.Katee DuarteHamilton18$1,155.00 
4Lucky legsJennifer LuckingHamilton6$850.00 
5Blazing ButterfliesSandy BotemboHamilton16$815.00 
6MochCarSally WongHamilton7$754.00 
7Riding for RestorationChristina BenderHamilton11$515.00 
8Frat's BratsCathy FratoniHamilton3$150.00 
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