Charlottetown 2/5kmLast updated May 3, 2023 at 10:08 AM
Charlottetown 2/5kmLast updated May 3, 2023 at 10:08 AM

Participants will cross the road at the Crosswalk on Macrae Drive.

Follow the marked walkway to the driveway to the Andrew's Pond Nature Trail.

Enter the trail system and stick to the left heading towards Andrew's Pond, do not enter the Wrights Creek trail system.

Follow the trail past the small fishing pond and stick to the right heading into the trail.

When you arrive at the Herbert St., Love Court, intersection (approx. 0.80km into your walk) follow the roadway for approx. 0.04km before reentering the trail system on your right.

Continue to follow the trail for approx. 0.37kms and you will arrive at the paved section of the active living trail which runs along St. Peter's Road.

Follow this trail for 0.09kms before reentering the Andrew's Pond Trail system on your left. Follow the trail for an additional 0.48kms.

If completing the 2.25km walk head to the right, then take a right out of the trail system and return to the community centre following the same walkway and cross walk used to enter.

If completing the 5km walk, take a left and follow the loop around the pond and 2 additional times before taking a right and exiting the trail system back to the community centre. This means you must complete the loop a total of 3 times!