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Raised: $81,277.10|Goal: $100,000

Ride or walk with us at the Toronto Ride for Refuge on September 30, 2017!

RIDE Day Details

RIDE Day Details

Gear up - RIDE Day is September 30, 2017!

Start/FinishGoogle Map

Ashbridges Bay Park

1561 Lake Shore Blvd E, Toronto, ON M4L 3W6


Here's the schedule for the RIDE:

  • 9am - Registration opens
  • 9:45am -50km begins
  • 10am - 25km begins
  • 10:15am- 10km begins
  • 10:30am - WALK begins
  • 11am - Registration closes
  • 11am - Lunch service begins
  • 2pm - Lunch service ends
  • 2:00pm - Route closes

Yummy Food

  • There will be snacks at rest stops, and lunch will be available for participants when they return from their ride or walk.

  • We are not able to accommodate for food sensitivities/allergies. If you have a dietary restriction, bring along some extra food/snacks.



  • All riders, walkers, and volunteers must:
  • check-in
  • sign a waiver form
  • wear their event wristband once registered

  • Participants aged 17 and under must have a parent or guardian sign their waiver or bring in a pre-signed waiver form. Download waiver form under the "Tools" section of our website.


  • Children 10 and under: Free
  • Youth 11-17: Fundraise minimum $75 (and earn the RIDE t-shirt) or pay reg fee
  • Adults 18+: Fundraise minimum $150 (and earn the RIDE t-shirt) or pay reg fee
  • The average online donation for the RIDE is $68, so it's a reachable goal!
  • RIDE T-shirts are available on event day while supplies last and are available in sizes youth small to adult 3XL.

For those who choose to pay the non-refundable registration fee, the cost is $25 before September 25th or $40 after September 25th.


  • Log into your personal fundraising page and post all cash and cheque donations online.

  • Bring all cash/cheques to registration check-in.

  • Print off the MY RESULTS FORM to bring with you.

  • If you haven't posted your cash & cheque donations online please ensure that you've carefully and neatly written in all your donor information onto a paper Donation Form to ensure proper receipting and partner allocation. Find these on our "Tools" page. Full mailing addresses are needed to issue charitable tax receipts.

  • Please ensure all cheques are signed, are made payable to Ride for Refuge and are current dated.


  • Visit our FAQ section!

Route Details

Route Options Include

  • 10 km RIDE
  • 25 km RIDE
  • 50 km RIDE (2x loop of 25km)
  • 5 km WALK

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view or print route maps

  • Rest stops will be available on all distances.

  • All riders 12 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.

  • Joggers are permitted on the walk route but must head to the front of the group.

What to Bring

  • a helmet (mandatory for all riders)
  • your bike (or walking shoes!)
  • warm layers with moisture repelling clothing if cold or windy
  • water bottle - filled with icy cold water
  • a cell phone for emergencies - recommended but not required
  • your My Results Form - downloaded from the fundraising portal
  • a signed copy of your Waiver Form (RIDERS / WALKERS 17 or under must have a parent or guardian sign their waiver form)
  • any cash - or cheques made out to "Ride for Refuge"
  • extra food or snacks if you have allergies or food sensitivities
  • a passion for the charity you're riding or walking for

Late September can be cool, with rain and wind. The weather might also be gorgeous and sunny. Be sure to keep your eye on the forecast.

RIDE Day Details

Contact Us

Toronto Downtown

Jen Taylor Event Director
Phone: 519.603.2250

RIDE Day Details


Toronto Downtown is super grateful for our fantastic 2017 sponsors - thanks so much! View All >

Interstate Batteries
Meal Sponsor
Mike Cunningham
Rest Stop Sponsor
Big Picture Imaging
Rest Stop Sponsor
Goods & Services
RIDE Day Details

Toronto Downtown Maps

All routes are generously marked with bright RIDE signage, staffed by friendly volunteers, and include rest stops with snacks along the way.

5kmView + print!

This is a walk-only route. Biking is available in 10km/25km/50km options.

10kmView + print!
25kmView + print!
RIDE Day Details


Check out even more on the Toronto Downtown Scoreboard. And hey, you should register to ride or walk with us too!

1FCJ Biking Team
Captain: Loly Rico
$5,819.10 | 20 Members
Captain: Maya Atallah
$4,412.00 | 6 Members
3Biking for Belonging - Toronto
Captain: Dwayne Milley
$4,140.00 | 10 Members
4The Dale Staffers
Captain: Erinn Oxford
$3,547.00 | 6 Members
5Pregnancy Care Centre Team
Captain: Erin Vecchiarelli
$3,194.00 | 8 Members
6Homeless Connect Toronto Movers
Captain: Melody Li
$2,915.00 | 17 Members
7RJ Riders
Captain: Adrian (Ed) Vandenberg
$2,900.00 | 3 Members
8FCJ Walkers
Captain: Lois Anne Bordowitz
$2,895.00 | 7 Members
9Pilas Toronto
Captain: Sam Mo
$2,839.00 | 9 Members
10Team GRACE
Captain: Allison Murray
$2,796.00 | 6 Members
11Toronto for Wycliffe
Captain: Belinda Cheng
$2,670.00 | 2 Members
12ARISE Ministry Team
Captain: Deb Rapport
$2,607.00 | 8 Members
13The Lighthouse Riders
Captain: Rob Datema
$2,435.00 | 2 Members
14AURA Walkers
Captain: Stan Squires
$1,920.00 | 2 Members
15Team Lightning Bolt
Captain: victoria banfield
$1,802.00 | 10 Members
16HOPE worldwide CanadaToronto Central
Captain: Phil Osagie
$1,775.00 | 26 Members
17Friends & Neighbours of CRWC
Captain: Jon Osmond
$1,713.00 | 10 Members
18AURA Allies
$1,710.00 | 4 Members
19Team AURA
Captain: Nadia Heyd
$1,698.00 | 1 Members
20Generous Space Toronto
Captain: Winnie Tang
$1,335.00 | 4 Members
21Spirit of Toronto First
Captain: Lyle Clark
$1,290.00 | 1 Members
22PWRDF Pedallers
Captain: Suzanne Rumsey
$1,220.00 | 9 Members
Captain: Melissa Leung
$1,165.00 | 5 Members
24GFC Don Mills
Captain: Ewan Goligher
$1,120.00 | 8 Members
25Toronto LifeSpring
Captain: Jonathan Tenn-Yuk
$1,090.00 | 5 Members
26Staff and Friends of CRWC
Captain: Maria Victoria Vanegas Caballero
$1,075.00 | 8 Members
27TeamO Nemo
Captain: Michelle Chiu
$1,025.00 | 14 Members
28Verdell's OMF Team
Captain: Verdell Goulding
$1,010.00 | 3 Members
29Living Daylights
Captain: Michelle de Koning
$1,010.00 | 6 Members
30WUSC Glendon
Captain: Emily Leahy
$975.00 | 3 Members
Captain: Lee Wong
$955.00 | 1 Members
32Team Little Dog
Captain: Lee Fletcher
$920.00 | 4 Members
33Team One Love
Captain: Taya Cook
$785.00 | 6 Members
34Team PWS&D
Captain: Anna Muir
$762.00 | 5 Members
35Westminster Chapel
Captain: Laurel Koverko
$700.00 | 1 Members
36Mennonite Boys and Girls Can Ride
Captain: Brian Quan
$690.00 | 18 Members
37Rider's of Grace
Captain: Roger Visser
$630.00 | 3 Members
38Star Spangled Squad
Captain: Dave Farris
$600.00 | 4 Members
39Ryerson Pregnancy Care (RPC) Team
Captain: Erika Hood
$550.00 | 12 Members
40EGRC Team Toronto
Captain: Casper Wong
$530.00 | 4 Members
41Toronto United Mennonite Church Youth Group (TUMY)
Captain: Cedric Martin
$515.00 | 3 Members
42Dan Woods
Captain: Rebecca Johnson
$505.00 | 2 Members
43PCC Friends
Captain: Brian Russell
$405.00 | 5 Members
44CTK Toronto
Captain: Ben Tshin
$300.00 | 4 Members
45Arise Board
Captain: Bill Mcgowan
$290.00 | 2 Members
46WUSC Ryerson
Captain: Emma Jankowski
$256.00 | 15 Members
47New City Baptist
Captain: Phoebe Heng
$245.00 | 1 Members
48The Try-Cyclers
Captain: Ashley Chan
$220.00 | 4 Members
49Erinn's East Yorkers
Captain: Melody Tolson
$200.00 | 2 Members
50The Dale! The Dale!
Captain: Genevieve Barber
$200.00 | 2 Members
51Team Shams
Captain: Talia Joundi
$100.00 | 2 Members
52Rock of Refuge
Captain: Jelle Koersen
$60.00 | 1 Members
53The Stagg team
Captain: Gary Stagg
$50.00 | 7 Members
54Pepper no Salt
Captain: Miranda Munro
$40.00 | 1 Members
55Team EMI (Toronto)
Captain: Cheryl Wan
$35.00 | 1 Members
56FRP Team
Captain: Sas Kanageswaran
$0.00 | 2 Members
57Bubble Tea(m)
Captain: Brian Tse
$0.00 | 2 Members
58The Dale Walkers
Captain: Cate Oxford
$0.00 | 1 Members
59Toronto BJJ
Captain: Joshua Rapport
$0.00 | 1 Members
Captain: Jorge Victoria
$0.00 | 3 Members
Captain: Vickie Zhang
$0.00 | 1 Members
Captain: Olivia Dymek
$0.00 | 5 Members
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