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What moves you? The Ride for Refuge, a family-friendly fundraising bike + walk in support of local charities serving people seeking hope, safety, and freedom. Join us Saturday, Sept. 23, 2023!

About Ripple of Us

Threshold Ministries is one body of people, working towards the same goal through word & action; seeing lives transformed & communities changed.

Our Evangelists serve in many contexts across Canada. Many work with the disenfranchised, & those on the fringes of society. The first step is building relationships by providing for physical needs & then sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ to meet & nurture the spiritual needs. We work with call ages in various programs and communities.

Ripple of Us (project of TM * Mark Cooney) believes that in each of us there is a desire to make a lasting impact on our world. Often, we do not know where to start; even when there are many possibilities. We believe the best way to leave a mark is to Start Small: our mission is to equip people with the ideas and resources required to make consistent ripples within society. Tiny deeds become a growing force for good. Our vision is to see large-scale community impact by meeting individual needs one by one.

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