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How do I add cash/cheques so they show up in my fundraising thermometer?

  • Sign into your FundHub
  • Click on Enter $$ and Cheques
  • Fill in the form below, including (where possible) the email of the donor, as well as the amount of pledge, cash or cheque
  • Click Add Donation

The website refreshes every 15 minutes, so check back shortly to see your thermometer rise.

What's my role as team captain?

As Team Captain, you play the key role of leader, recruiter, fundraiser, planner, and cheerleader. Here's the basics:

  • Register online, create, and name your team
  • Select the charity you want your team to raise money for
  • Recruit other team members with a goal of getting 8-10 participants - there is no limit to team size!
  • Raise money personally and strongly encourage your team to raise money
  • Cheer on and communicate with your team members

I'd like to pay my cash donations by personal cheque or credit card. Can I do this?

Definitely! Once you've recorded your cash donations online, you can pay them through our website with your personal credit card to avoid lugging an envelope filled with cash around.

  • Click Enter $$ or Cheques and scroll down to your list of pledges
  • Click the pay button next to the pledge you’d like to pay by credit card. This will take you to a payment gateway to complete the transaction.
  • Once the transaction is complete, you can keep the cash.

If you'd like to pay with a personal cheque, be sure to enter your cash pledges online and then total your cash donations. Write out your cheque to "Ride for Refuge". Mail this cheque in, along with any other cheque donations you have collected, to RIDE Head Office. For our address, scroll to the very bottom of this page.

How do I change my riding/walking distance or activity?

  • Log in to your Fundhub
  • Click the Profile tab on the left
  • Click the More About You tab on the left.
  • You can edit your Activity selection in this screen and hit the submit button to save.

Can I give to myself and still get a tax receipt?

You sure can! Any donations of $20 or more will generate a tax receipt, including donations you make to your own fundraising campaign.

Is there a deadline for submitting RIDE donations?

Yes - we must have all donations submitted to us online or by mail by October 31, 2021. Be sure cheques are made out to Ride for Refuge and include the participant's name in the memo line.

Ride for Refuge

Unit 260-659 King Street East

Kitchener, ON

N2G 2M4

Why is the RIDE in the fall?

Originally, the RIDE was in the fall as part of our attempt give participants a very small taste of what it's like to be seeking refuge. It's designed to be challenging - both in distance traveled and weather endured. (Of course, things have changed a lot since RIDE started, but it's still a proud part of our history.)

How do I raise money?

Once you register online, you can use the online Fundhub to send your friends and family a link to your personal fundraising page. There, they can give to you securely online by credit card.

Alternately, you can download a Pledge Form, print it out and ask people face-to-face for support. For more information on raising money, visit our How to Fundraise page.

How do I change my team name?

This can only be performed by the participant who started the team (the Team Captain).

  • Log in to your Fundhub
  • Click the Team tab on the left
  • Click the Edit Team Info tab on the left
  • Be sure to click Save when you're finished!

Do my children need to raise the $75 minimum?

No - however, to get their little mitts on one of our fabulous RIDE T-shirts, kids of any age need to fundraise $75 or more, and eat at least 2 more bites of that broccoli.

Can I mail in cheques early?

Yes, you can. Cheques made out to "Ride for Refuge" should include the participant/team name on the memo line. Be sure to add them online in FundHub, too! Print off your "My Results Form" and/or send Donation Forms in with any cheques.

Can I drop off cash or cheques at my local charity?

No - your RIDE charity can't accept them. Please follow the instructions here instead:

  • Add to Fundhub: Make sure you post your cash or cheque donations into Fundhub with complete addresses (and where possible, email).
  • Cheques: Made payable to Ride for Refuge, with your name or team name on memo line, and mailed to our office
  • Cash: Pay cash donations off with your credit card, or write a personal cheque for the amount of cash and mail it in to our office with completed pledge sheet.
  • Note: Full addresses with postal codes are needed to issue tax receipts for donations over $20.

Do I need to wear a helmet?

Yes! If you are biking, skateboarding, baking with particular intensity, or doing anything else where a helmet is recommended, wear it.

Where do I find ideas for fundraising activities?

  • Watch the Fundraising Tips videos for terribly drawn cartoons and helpful fundraising advice
  • Or, open up the menu - that triple-equals-thing on the top left - and check out the Fundraising section

I am still planning to walk or ride, is there a pre-made route to follow?

No - you'll need to either plan out the routes with your team captain, or create ones that you are comfortable with on your own.

What donations get receipted, and when do donors get their receipts?

We issue charitable tax receipts for donations of $20 or more. We also require a full, current mailing address for the donor (as per CRA legislation). Gifts made online with a credit card get automatically receipted, while cash or cheque gifts given in at the registration table on RIDE Day will be receipted by email or regular mail within 60 days of the event.

Is there a deadline for registering online?

You can register online at any time leading up to RIDE Day. We recommend you register early so that you can use the weeks before RIDE Day to raise lots of funds for your charity, and so that location leaders know how many to expect on RIDE Day.

I received a notification email that someone donated to me! How do I thank them?

Sending a personal thank you is a great way to connect with your donors and help them feel appreciated! To thank your donors, you can:

  • Log in to your Fundhub
  • Click on Thank Donors on the left
  • Follow the instructions on the page

Do I still have to raise $150 if there is no registration fee?

Yes! The only way we let anyone get their hands on one of our famous RIDE T-Shirts is by reaching their fundraising minimum - that's $150 for adults 18+, or $75 for youth aged 17 and under.

How do I earn a RIDE T-Shirt?

To earn a snazzy T-Shirt, RIDE participants must fundraise $150+ for adults, or $75+ for youth under 17.

Important note: T-Shirts are earned individually, and not as part of a team fundraising effort! We are only able to distribute shirts to individual participants who have met their minimum amounts above - donations made directly to a team or to a team captain aren't included.

How do I choose which charity my funds go to?

Team Captains/Individuals: When you sign up and register to fundraise, you'll select the charity you are fundraising for on the very first page!

Team Members: When you join a team, you'll automatically be riding for the charity that your team captain chose. Everyone on a team must choose the same charity.

Can I bring my dog or other pet to the RIDE?

No - for the safety of our riders and walkers, we would ask that all other dogs and pets sit this one out. Licensed service animals wearing their working vests are always welcome.

How can I fundraise for a charity that is not on your list?

Charities must apply and be approved to partner with the Ride for Refuge. If you have a favourite charity that's not on our list, here's what you can do:

  • Reach out to your charity directly to tell them about the RIDE

Requirements for being a RIDE Charity include:

  • They work with people who are displaced, vulnerable, or exploited
  • They are in good standing with the CRA
  • They are willing to work hard in an effort to raise a minimum of $20,000 or more

Can I change the Freestyle fundraising activity I've selected if I change my mind?

Yes! Here's how:

  • Click "Profile" from left side menu tabs
  • Click "More About You"
  • Scroll down and edit "Activity"
  • Click "Submit" at bottom to save. (Note: There may be a 15-minute delay before your new activity is reflected everywhere on the RIDE website.)

Is there a RIDE t-shirt this year?

You betcha! Anyone who hits their fundraising minimum ($150 for adults, $75 for youth 17 and under) qualifies for one of our iconic RIDE t-shirts. Bonus: this year, we'll mail yours to you the week after you qualify for it!

How will I get my RIDE T-Shirt?

When you fundraise the minimum amount ($150 adults, $75 youth 17 and under) we'll ship it out to the address you've entered into your Fundhub account within the week. No more waiting until RIDE Day - you earn it, and we'll send it!

What is RIDE Freestyle?

The Ride for Refuge's classic cycling and walking options have been expanded to 15 activities that you can do virtually. You can choose an activity to do on your own, with some friends in a team, or with groups of teams. It's mind-bending - the possibilities are nearly endless! Learn more on the RIDE Freestyle page.

Do I have to participate on October 2?

No... but it's better if you do! We encourage all teams and participants to set aside October 2 as the big day when their fundraising activity will either happen or conclude. If your team has scheduling conflicts, feel free to move it to any day between Labour Day weekend and Thanksgiving.

Do I have have to wear a mask?

Please follow the expected municipal, regional, or provincial guidelines for your area, whichever is more strict.

Is there a limit to how many people can join a team?

No - you can have as many or as few people on a team as you like! All the way from one to one thousand.

My team has raised some cash and cheque donations - where do I input these?

There is no way to record cash or cheque donations directly to your team in our fundraising system.

If your team, rather than a specific team member, has raised some cash and/or cheque donations, the best thing to do is enter them as pledges under your team captain. They can either:

  • a) Mail in cheques, with instructions on how to assign each donation amongst the team, OR...
  • b) Pay off cash donations with a personal credit card (and keep the cash). Then email us at info@rideforrefuge.org with instructions on how to assign each donation. However, please note that we are not able to split credit card payments between teammates.

What if things change before the event happens?

We are sure things will change by October. Things seem to change every darn week! But this year, no matter what happens, the Ride for Refuge will be virtual, using RIDE Anywhere and the new RIDE Freestyle activities.

What if I get money after the event?

  • Add to Fundhub: Make sure you post your cash or cheque donations into Fundhub with complete addresses (and where possible, email).
  • Cheques: Made payable to Ride for Refuge, with your name or team name on memo line, and mailed to the RIDE Head Office
  • Cash: Pay cash donations off with your credit card, or write a personal cheque for the amount of cash and mail it in to our office with completed pledge sheet.
  • Note: Full addresses with postal codes are needed to issue tax receipts for donations over $20.

If I get sick, can I cancel my registration?

Yes - if you get sick, do what's needed to get better! But remember, you can do your activity at any time, and the money you raise for your charity is still valuable. So if you are able, reschedule instead of cancelling.

What if I receive a cheque that's made out to me and not the RIDE?

If you receive cash or cheques made payable to YOU, please log in to your FundHub, click Enter $$ or Cheques, and enter the donor information there. You then have one of two choices:

  • Pay the donations online with your credit card and keep the cash/personal cheques. By doing so, you deem your donations "complete" and nothing else needs to be done or sent to us. OR...
  • Bank the cash and personal cheques and write Ride for Refuge a cheque from YOU, payable to Ride for Refuge, in the amount of your total funds received. Mail this cheque, along with any other cheque donations you have collected, to the RIDE Head Office.

What do I do with my Pledge Form and money?

  • Option 1. If you collect cash donations, you can enter them by logging into FundHub and using the "Enter $$ or Cheques" section. Once you've created the pledge, you can scroll down on that same page and click the tiny "pay" button to verify those donations with your own credit card. Then you can keep the cash.
  • Option 2. If you collect cheques, you can mail them to RIDE Head Office. Cheques made out to "Ride for Refuge" should include participant name on the memo line. Be sure to add them online in the FundHub, too.

Can I register before I pick an activity?

Well, it's easy to change your RIDE Freestyle activity at any time, so if you haven't picked yet, just choose your best guess! If you need to switch it later, login to your Fundhub, click Registration, and change your Activity. You can do this as many times as you like!

Can I have people doing different RIDE Freestyle activities on my team?

Yes! Each member of your team can select their own activity during registration (and change it later if needed).

There are benefits to doing different activities (diversity is great), but it can also encourage team spirit if you are all working towards a similar goal. Choose what works best for your team!

Can I accept cheques?

Yes - have them made out to Ride for Refuge, with your name on the memo line. This allows us to connect you to your team and your team to your charity.

They should be sent to the RIDE Head Office after the event - be sure to include your Pledge Form if you send it by mail.

I donated to the RIDE - do you share any of my information?

No - not unless you specifically opt-in to share it with the charity you are supporting. Otherwise, Blue Sea Foundation does not share your information with anyone. Period. For more information: https://rideforrefuge.org/privacy

What are processing fees?

When a donor gives online in the RIDE, we provide them an opportunity to opt-in and cover the 4.25% processing fees we pay to process each credit card donation. It's totally voluntary, and helps the RIDE reduce its operating costs for the fundraiser.

Processing Fees:

  • 1.75% Fundhub cost
  • 2.25% + $0.10 per Credit card gateway transaction
  • Total: Approximately 4.25%

Tax Receipt: This extra amount is added to your overall donation total. For example, a donor gives $100 and covers the 4.25% processing fee - the tax receipt issued is for $104.25.

Can my kids participate by themselves?

No - all children aged 12 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times whether riding, walking, or doing a RIDE Freestyle activity.

Can I still volunteer?

No, not in the usual sense:

  • Because there are no officially hosted RIDE locations this year, there are no volunteer roles needed.
  • However, you can still use that beautiful volunteering heart of yours and volunteer while fundraising! Learn more about this new option on the RIDE Freestyle page.

I am planning to attend the RIDE with my family. Do we all need to register?

Yes. Because of the way event insurance works, everyone who participates needs to register.

What if I can't register online?

No problem! If you need to find an offline method to register, just call our office (1-877-743-3413). One of our team will be happy to help.

Can I RIDE Freestyle outside of Canada?

Yes. You can do your fundraising activity anywhere you like, as long as it's safe! However, donors outside Canada will likely not be able to use the Canadian Tax Receipt we issue when they support you.

Do I need to sign a waiver form?


  • If you register online, you accept and digitally sign the waiver - no signed paper waiver is required.
  • Youth aged 17 and under require a physical signed waiver paper, which can be downloaded here, and either:
  • Handed in to your team captain for processing, or
  • Emailed to waivers@rideforrefuge.org with "Waiver for (your name)" in the subject line and a photo of the signed waiver attached.

Should I be on a team?

Yes! If you want your fundraising to go to to a specific charity, you need to be on a team. Team Captains select the charity that their team supports.

Oops - I accidentally donated to a team instead of a participant, or gave to the wrong participant. Can you move my donation?

Email or call us and we'll take care of it for you. We'll need to know:

  • The name of the donor
  • The amount of the donation
  • Who they had given to originally (participant or team name), and
  • Who they would like the donation moved to

My team gathered all of our pledges as a group. How do I add these to our fundraising total/hand these in on RIDE Day?

To facilitate our processing of these donations, you must pick one of the following:

  • Option 1: Divide pledges up between team members in advance of RIDE Day (especially if team members are adding these pledges online into their own accounts), so that each team member is handing in their own Donation Form and donation amount at registration
  • Option 2: Enter all money you gathered as donations under the Captain's personal account, understanding that you can still use what you raised to cover the fundraising minimums for each of your team members.

How do I change my fundraising goal (or my team's goal)?

To edit your personal goal:

  • Log in to Fundhub and visit the Fundraising tab
  • Click the "click to change fundraising goal" button under Personal Progress
  • Type your goal into the space provided and click the button to submit.
  • Voila - instant adrenaline rush!

To edit your team's goal:

  • Log in to Fundhub and visit the Team tab
  • Click Edit Team Info on the left
  • Edit your team's fundraising goal, and then hit Save.

If people sponsor me, will my team get credit for it?

Yes. If you have joined a team, your fundraising and sponsor totals will be reflected in both your team total and the overall event total.

I'm trying to donate from a country outside of North America, and the system is requiring a postal code. How can I proceed?

Simply add in five zeroes (00000) as the postal code, and the donation page should allow you to continue - if you're still having trouble, please contact our offices and we'll be more than happy to help!

I normally fundraise face to face, can I still do that?

Please do not do any door-to-door fundraising. Due to Covid-19, we encourage you to limit your exposure to others as a precaution. Instead, login to Fundhub and send them an email, or text them a link to your page, or send them a message through your favourite social network. They'll a) give more as a rule, and b) get their tax receipt immediately.

Does my team all have to do the same distance or activity?

No - while it's great to hang out together sometimes, each one of your teammates can pick their own distance or RIDE Freestyle activity that fits them best.

I need to cancel my registration as a participant in your event - how do I do that?

Short answer: Email or call us and we'll take care of it for you.

Long answer: If you have collected cash or cheque pledges, please:

  • Ensure that all donor names and addresses are carefully posted online in your FundHub. Don't send cash in the mail.
  • Pay for cash with a personal cheque from you (or pay by credit online).
  • Send all cheques to the RIDE Head Office address with the participant name in the memo line, along with your completed Donation Form or "My Results Form".

I am having trouble logging in or setting up my username and password.

Make sure the username and password you are using does not contain any spaces. For example, if you are using your full name as your username, enter it as firstnamelastname with no spaces.

Still having trouble? Contact us!

How do I get a Pledge Form?

You may download a copy of the Pledge Form from the RIDE Tools + Forms page.

Are my online transactions safe?

Yes. All online donations are processed through our secure third party Fundhub and financial gateway.

Do I have to prove that I completed the activity I selected?

Nope! It's the honour system. If you say you are going to do a thing in exchange for donations, you should do your very best - your donors are counting on you! But above all, the priority is fundraising well and having fun.

Do I have to do one of the recommended RIDE Freestyle activities?

Yes, we've given you 15 RIDE Freestyle activity categories that provide a wide range of fundraising activities for your pleasure. They're pretty flexible - be creative!

Is there a registration fee?

No, there is no registration fee this year! Instead, we encourage all participants to focus on fundraising for their charities.

Is there a minimum fundraising amount required in order to participate?

No, we don't require a minimum amount to be fundraised in order to participate. But we definitely do encourage participants to set a strong fundraising goal that's at least $150 for adults and $75 for youth. Participants who hit those amounts are thanked with one of our beautiful RIDE T-shirts!

Is now a good time to ask people for donations?

Yes. Just make sure you ask personally - explain why you are participating and how your fundraising will help the charity you are supporting. People will give if you give them a chance - don't answer for them!

Don't see your question here?

Ask us! Visit the contact page to get in touch with our friendly customer-service team.

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