Dignity House

With teams in Winnipeg

September 30, 2017


Raised: $15,415.00|Goal: $15,000



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1Determined to Ride for Dignity
Captain: Lorraine & Eli Groenheide
$8,040.00 | 8 Members
2Dignity Divas
Captain: Shona Stewart
$3,930.00 | 4 Members
3Dignity Spinners
Captain: Cheryl Peitsch
$1,600.00 | 3 Members
4Dignity Rollers
Captain: Ingrid Truderung
$1,080.00 | 1 Members
5Riding High on Life
Captain: Chris Palmer
$595.00 | 4 Members
6Doerksens for Dignity House
Captain: Mischa Doerksen
$170.00 | 1 Members

About Dignity House

Please ride or walk with us on September 30th for Dignity House, a ministry that provides support for women exiting the sex trade through holistic approaches incorporating spiritual, emotional, educational, physical, and social means while helping them find hope, faith, love and dignity.

Many women find themselves trapped in the cycle of prostitution. It is a lifestyle that is fraught with violence and exploitation through human trafficking, addictions, and poverty. Most of these women are vulnerable and are coerced, forced, recruited/pimped and exploited to be used and abused in the sex trade.

Our vision is to see these women transition from the sex trade, to create safety and community, to address barriers for change, to build self-esteem, to aid women in identifying and applying skills, strategies and solutions to the physical, academic, systemic, emotional, spiritual, financial and legal barriers.

Exiting the sex-trade is not the same as recovering from a substance addiction, although similar issues may be found. It requires a specific approach with focused attention on the unique needs involved. Along with a program called PEARL (Prostitutes Exiting and Restoring Life), women will also complete Structure of Intellect (SOI), a test and module program used to examine strengths and weaknesses to aid in overcoming obstacles in educational and/or work goals.

The women at Dignity House will be taught necessary life skills to enable them to live healthy wholesome lives. They will be counseled, discipled, and educated to become employable, and will be loved each step of the way.

It is our hope that through the ministry of Dignity House these women will come to know that Jesus offers the freedom, love, peace and hope they so long for and it is He who will be the foundation of their transformed lives.

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. John 8:36


Contact Us

Dignity House

Ingrid Truderung Board member
Email: ingrid.truderung@gmail.com
Phone: 204-7910452

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