Christian Horizons

With teams in RIDE/WALK Anywhere, Toronto Downtown, Waterloo Region, Peterborough, Windsor, Ottawa, Hamilton, Durham Region, Niagara Region, Regina, London, Muskoka, Newmarket

September 30, 2017


Raised: $71,847.90|Goal: $80,000



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1Eat My Dust
Captain: Isaac Flagg
$11,390.00 | 40 Members
2Biking for Belonging - Toronto
Captain: Dwayne Milley
$6,922.00 | 11 Members
3The Peppermill Peddlers
Captain: Peter Wyngaarden
$6,618.00 | 12 Members
4West Side Wheelers and Walkers
Captain: Michelle Norton
$6,437.50 | 34 Members
5Just Me & My Friends
Captain: Al Mills
$5,149.25 | 26 Members
6Sarnia Bluewater Bravehearts
Captain: Paul Rowe
$4,774.00 | 9 Members
7Country Hills Cyclists
Captain: Jeremy Shuart
$4,025.00 | 22 Members
8The Gathering Church Movers
Captain: Marty Robinson
$2,542.00 | 5 Members
9Wheelie Cool Team
Captain: Amanda Miles
$2,279.00 | 12 Members
10Northern Stars
Captain: Amanda Knapp
$2,150.00 | 8 Members
11Leamington Pedal Pushers
Captain: Cindy Hallick
$2,144.15 | 7 Members
12Kempenfelt Cruizers
Captain: Kathryn Saunders
$1,860.00 | 5 Members
13Cobourg Northumberland Newbies for Christian Horizons
Captain: Susan Landry
$1,840.00 | 7 Members
14Biking for Belonging Christian Horizons
Captain: Eugene Versteeg
$1,786.00 | 7 Members
15Pedal to the Medal
Captain: Mike Vyn
$1,527.00 | 9 Members
16CH riders
Captain: Micheal Appleton
$1,240.00 | 8 Members
17Going the distance
Captain: Marie Bergsma
$1,217.00 | 7 Members
18Stouffville Stompers
Captain: Heather Vroom
$1,039.00 | 4 Members
19Oxford Moto-vaters
Captain: Michael Fletcher
$1,023.00 | 5 Members
20Friends of CH
Captain: Jill Black
$1,014.00 | 4 Members
21Christian Horizon Heroes
Captain: Linda Harrison
$950.00 | 6 Members
22Barrie Onward Together
Captain: Babajide Alfred Akinremi
$925.00 | 2 Members
23License to Pedal
Captain: Hilary Clements
$900.00 | 8 Members
24Moose Jaw Horizons
Captain: Jordan Varey
$764.00 | 2 Members
25Different Spokes
Captain: Sandra Kenny-Veech
$750.00 | 3 Members
26Royal Riders
Captain: Danamarie Smith
$350.00 | 1 Members
27The Wind Surfers
Captain: Laurie Parrott
$220.00 | 3 Members
28Port Hope Northumberland Weekend Warriors
Captain: Cayla Snetsinger
$12.00 | 7 Members
29CH 2017 Ride
Captain: Tricia Fleming
$0.00 | 1 Members
30The Chase Crew
Captain: Ruth Stamplecoski
$0.00 | 3 Members

About Christian Horizons

Christian Horizons is a non-profit, faith-based organization that provides a variety of holistic supports and services to people with exceptional needs and their families here in Canada and around the world. Our vision is that people with exceptional needs belong to communities in which their God-given gifts are valued and respected. We serve people regardless of their religion, race, ethnicity or gender.

Funds raised through the Ride for Refuge support our local Community Integration Programs like Family Retreats and Respite Services as well as Global Inclusive Education Programs in Ethiopia, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Haiti.

We are grateful to our government partners for the funding we receive in Ontario and Saskatchewan. However, we also depend on donations from individuals, businesses, foundations and churches to fuel work outside of the scope of government support.


Contact Us

Christian Horizons

Amanda Miles Donor Relations Manager
Phone: 519-650-6713

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