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Weather Alert!Bundle up - Saturday will be cooler, windy and with a chance of showers.


Ride with us on October 4, 2014 in the Brampton Ride for Refuge, in support of charities benefitting the displaced, vulnerable and exploited. Click tabs below for more information .

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RIDE Day Details


The Brampton Routes all start and finish at:

Immanuel Christian Reformed Church

2626 Mayfield Road, Caledon,


Here's the schedule for the RIDE:

8:00am - Registration opens

8:45am - Opening Ceremonies

9:00am - RIDE begins (all distances)

10:00am - Registration closes

10:30am - Lunch service begins

2:00pm - Lunch service ends

2:30pm - Route closes

Yummy Food

We always have a great lunch for our riders and volunteers and welcome you to linger and enjoy. For long-distance riders, you may want to zip in at the half-way mark and eat to make sure you've enjoyed the bounty too - there are no guarantees of how much food will be left after 2:00pm!

Warning: we are not able to accommodate for food sensitivities/allergies. If you have a dietary restriction, bring along some extra food/snacks. If needed, please bring your epi-pen.

RegistrationDownload + Print Your Waiver

CHECK-IN: All riders must check-in and sign a waiver form

Riders aged 17 and under must have a parent or guardian sign their waiver or bring in a pre-signed waiver form. Download waiver form by clicking button above.

REGISTRATION FEE A registration fee of $25 may apply

Riders aged 13 or older who have not successfully raised their minimum fundraising level ($75 for 13-17 year olds and $150 for aged 18 and up), will be asked to pay a registration fee of $25. This fee goes to pay local ride day expenses like lunch, signage, rentals etc.

MONEY & CHEQUES: Post all of your cash and cheque donations online

Log in to your personal fundraising page and post all cash and cheque donations online. Bring all cash/cheques to registration check in. Print off the the MY RESULTS FORM to bring with you.

If you haven't posted your cash & cheque donations online please ensure that you've carefully and neatly written in all your donor information onto a paper Pledge Sheet to ensure proper receipting and partner allocation.

Please ensure all cheques are signed, made payable to Ride for Refuge, and current dated.


Those who raise their minimum fundraising amount are eligible for our RIDE T-shirt while supplies last - riders of all ages must raise their minimum to earn a t-shirt (kids aged 12 and under must raise $75).

Route Details

Dress for the weather - see below under "What to Bring"

Don't forget your:


Pledge form

Any cash or cheques you raised

What to Bring

Dress Wisely

October can be cool, with rain and wind certainly possible.

Wear layers, some moisture repelling clothes, and if rain is forecasted, gloves, a toque, and even some bags to keep your feet dry during your ride. Of course, it could also be a beautiful fall day with no wind and blazing sunshine, so keep an eye on the weather forecast as Ride Day approaches.

Brampton Contact Info

Primary Contact

Bruce Dodds-Hebron

Location Director

Phone: (416) 209-1850


Secondary Contacts

Deb Brewerton Volunteer Captain

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1. The Lighthouse Riders
Captain: Rob Datema
Raised: $9,416.00 | Members: 8
2. HLBC Riders
Captain: Ron Gumbley
Raised: $7,435.00 | Members: 21
3. Rices Riders
Captain: Roderick Rice
Raised: $6,685.00 | Members: 8
4. BCS Bikers
Captain: Elvera Reimer
Raised: $3,881.45 | Members: 27
5. Ben's Bikers Bringing Breakfast to Brampton
Captain: Ben Schuringa
Raised: $3,555.00 | Members: 7
6. The Meeting House - Brampton
Captain: Bill Reimer
Raised: $3,035.00 | Members: 3
7. Regen Rides
Captain: Ted Brown
Raised: $2,885.00 | Members: 6
8. Heading to Haiti
Captain: Erick Schuringa
Raised: $2,350.00 | Members: 4
9. Brampton Lakers
Captain: John Brown
Raised: $1,955.00 | Members: 5
10. Street Soccer Canada
Captain: Paul Gregory
Raised: $1,725.00 | Members: 5
11. Armoogan BOBCATS
Captain: Hansley Armoogan
Raised: $1,476.00 | Members: 20
12. Kids Alive Brampton
Captain: Danny Costa
Raised: $1,420.00 | Members: 8
13. Grace Place Gogetters
Captain: Ross Leckie
Raised: $1,290.00 | Members: 3
14. Christ Church Brampton
Captain: Byron Gilmore
Raised: $1,280.00 | Members: 4
15. Rollin' for Regen
Captain: Sarah Dodds-Hebron
Raised: $1,240.00 | Members: 2
16. NBUC Riders
Captain: Peter Waisanen
Raised: $1,210.00 | Members: 13
17. Youth for Ukraine
Captain: Luba Kostiw
Raised: $1,195.00 | Members: 8
18. Mitton_Foo Riders
Captain: Larry Mitton
Raised: $1,050.00 | Members: 4
Raised: $755.00 | Members: 6
20. Eastman Law Office
Captain: claudia The Captain
Raised: $690.00 | Members: 6
21. PILAS Brampton
Captain: Barbara De Kryger
Raised: $645.00 | Members: 3
22. The Rack Attacks!
Captain: Tiffany Pimentel
Raised: $575.00 | Members: 4
23. Bramptonites Defend Dignity
Captain: Serena Richardson
Raised: $545.00 | Members: 2
24. Team Cabral
Captain: Andy Cabral
Raised: $375.00 | Members: 3
25. Nicole's Team
Captain: Nicole Brown
Raised: $350.00 | Members: 2
26. Emily Dh and Mike Aldred
Captain: Emily Dodds-Hebron
Raised: $130.00 | Members: 2
Captain: Darren Cabral
Raised: $100.00 | Members: 5
28. Purpose RIders
Captain: Brian Manuel
Raised: $0.00 | Members: 2
29. Thrive Riders
Captain: Jason Persaud
Raised: $0.00 | Members: 1
30. Called To The Nations
Captain: Israel {Nadeem} Dean
Raised: $0.00 | Members: 2
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