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Newmarket Scoreboard

Are you thrashing the competition (for a good cause)? Find out! Stats are updated every 15 minutes.

Teams Participants Charities 
1Team EMI (Newmarket)Benjamin ScottNewmarket24$2,412.00 
2Walk for Life - TLC The Life CentreJackie MintzNewmarket15$1,680.00 
3Stouffville StompersHeather VroomNewmarket20$1,039.00 
4NACYohann AgalawatteNewmarket5$800.00 
5Peoples Christian AcademyEzzat DahiNewmarket19$681.50 
6The Life Centre PeddlersAndrea MiedemaNewmarket6$505.00 
7WallaroosMegan WallarNewmarket2$75.00 
8Krooney Bin and KompanyShannon KroonNewmarket2$60.00 
9Shine Through the RainCari BruntonNewmarket0$0.00 
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