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Welcome Home Refugee House Scoreboard

Are you thrashing the competition (for a good cause)? Find out! Stats are updated every 15 minutes.

Teams Participants 
Top 10 Teams
1Welcome Home Refugees KWSharon SchmidtWaterloo Region98$5,776.85 
2The Young and the Rest of UsDebbie WaglerWaterloo Region96$4,771.00 
3Creekside Wheels for Welcome HomeRob GastWaterloo Region46$3,545.00 
4Saddle BagsKyla ArsenaultWaterloo Region27$3,280.00 
5Glencairn CyclepathsSandra ReimerWaterloo Region53$3,042.00 
6Whyte WalkersHarry WhyteWaterloo Region10$2,715.00 
7Welcome HomeNiagara TeamJoy PaulsNiagara Region46$2,072.00 
8Grebel GearheadsZack StrikeWaterloo Region36$1,857.00 
9Rodgers Family & FriendsKatherine RodgersWaterloo Region18$1,278.34 
10Hope RidersJon HillWaterloo Region8$1,000.00 
Top 200 Teams
11Benton TeamMegan McCulloughWaterloo Region13$825.00 
12Hope RidersHelen GallingerWaterloo Region13$820.00 
13KMB KickersJohn Harback.Waterloo Region9$565.00 
14My Welcome HomeKaty BierstekerWaterloo Region4$230.00 
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