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Global Shore Opportunities Scoreboard

Are you thrashing the competition (for a good cause)? Find out! Stats are updated every 15 minutes.

Teams Participants 
1Numb ButtsTerry ReimerLondon91$6,703.00 
2Putman's PedalersDebbie PutmanHamilton43$2,495.00 
3Team BUFApril KlippensteinWinnipeg18$1,605.00 
4Fort GuatemalaKaia NickelFort Langley12$1,140.00 
5Hebs 121Lonny HildebrandLondon7$920.00 
6Buns on the RunJoti WallLondon14$800.00 
7GSO VancouverDolly WangVancouver5$185.00 
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