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The RIDE will happen as scheduled on Saturday, October 3, 2020! However, Covid-related health risks and operational challenges won't permit us to assemble in large groups. So instead, we'll gather virtually, self-organizing in smaller, covid-friendly teams or groups as permitted.

Let's keep our RIDE location communities going! Register for the same RIDE location as last year - or, if you are new, register in a location you're within an hour of.

About TREY Trauma Recovery for Exploited Youth

Nova Scotia is considered a source province for Sex Trafficking. Most calls to crime stoppers are concerning sex trafficking.

TREY is a non-profit faith based organization that embraces the creativity and uniqueness of survivors of sex trafficking, and endeavors to be an instrument of healing.

TREY provides a long term (up to 3 years) safe, restorative family environment for women ages 16 and up. We take a holistic approach addressing the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects of healing.

TREY's program encourages physical activity (hiking, biking, kayaking, swimming etc.) We provide Music, Art, and Animal (horses, and dogs) therapies, as well as psychotherapy in coordination with services in the community.

We offer, court support, life skill development and advocate for higher education.

TREY's desire is for victims of sex trafficking to not only consider themselves a survivor but a THRIVER as they discover the freedom to become all God created them to be.

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TREY Trauma Recovery for Exploited Youth

Cheryl McLeod Event Director - Truro Location
Toll Free 1.877.743.3413 / Phone 519.603.2250
Email info@rideforrefuge.org

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