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Toronto East

raised: $100,753.30 | goal: $80,000
26 charities | 58 teams | 343 riders | 9 volunteers

Join us for RIDE for Refuge on Oct 3, 2015 for a family-friendly cycling fundraiser benefitting the displaced, vulnerable and exploited. Click the tabs below for more information about this year's event.

  • Date: October 3, 2015
  • Registration: 8:00am
  • Ride Begins: 9:00am
  • Walk Begins: 9:45am
  • Start/finish: Japanese Gospel Church of Toronto, 301 Silver Star Blvd (off McNicoll Ave between Kennedy Rd and Midland Ave.). See below for parking details.
  • Scroll down for location, maps, contact and RIDE Day details.

RIDE Day Details

Start/FinishGoogle Map

The Japanese Gospel Church of Toronto is the start/finish location for the Toronto East Ride.

Address: 301 Silver Star Blvd (off McNicoll Ave between Kennedy Rd and Midland Ave). NOTE: Silver Star Blvd is divided into sections. You can only access this section off McNicoll.

Parking: Please park at the Brighton Banquet Hall and Convention Centre, at the corner of Silver Star Blvd and McNicoll. They are offering complimentary parking in their lot for all riders and volunteers.

Families can drop off bikes at church parking lot and then head over across the street to park at Brighton.


You can park at Brighton (marked with signs) and bring your bike over.


Here's the schedule for the RIDE:

  • 8am - Registration opens
  • 8:45am - Opening Ceremonies

  • 9am - RIDE begins Advance route (23.5 kms)
  • 9:15am - RIDE begins leisure route (12 kms)
  • 9:30am - RIDE begins Junior route (5 kms)

  • 9:45am - WALK begins
  • 10am - Registration closes

  • 10:15am - Lunch service begins
  • 1pm - Lunch service ends
  • 1pm - Route closes

Yummy Food

The Chili is back!!!

We always have a great lunch for our riders and volunteers and welcome you to linger and enjoy. You will be served after 10:15am or when you have finished your ride/walk.

There are no guarantees of how much food will be left after 12:00pm.

Warning: we are not able to accommodate for food sensitivities/allergies. If you have a dietary restriction, bring along some extra food/snacks. If needed, please bring your epi-pen.


CHECK-IN: All riders, walkers, and volunteers must check-in and sign a waiver form

Participants aged 17 and under must have a parent or guardian sign their waiver or bring in a pre-signed waiver form. Download waiver form under the "Tools" section of our website.

REGISTRATION FEE A registration fee of $25 may apply

Participants aged 13 or older who have not successfully raised their minimum fundraising level ($75 for 13-17 year olds and $150 for aged 18 and up), will be asked to pay a registration fee of $25.

MONEY & CHEQUES: Post all of your cash and cheque donations online

Log in to your personal fundraising page and post all cash and cheque donations online. Bring all cash/cheques to registration check in. Print off the the MY RESULTS FORM to bring with you.

  • If you haven't posted your cash & cheque donations online please ensure that you've carefully and neatly written in all your donor information onto a paper Pledge Sheet to ensure proper receipting and partner allocation. Find these on our "Tools" page.

  • Please ensure all cheques are signed, made payable to Ride for Refuge, and current dated.


Those who raise their minimum fundraising amount are eligible for our gorgeous 10oz cotton 2015 long sleeve RIDE t-shirt (which is - of course - fully accredited by the Fair Labour Association). You're going to love them. RIDE T-shirts are available while supplies last - riders of all ages must raise their minimum to earn a t-shirt (kids aged 12 and under must raise $75).

Route Details

Route Options Include

  • 10 km (6 mile) RIDE
  • 25 km (15 mile) RIDE
  • 50 km (30 mile) RIDE
  • 5 km (3 mile) WALK

For those doing the 50km, you'll be looping the 25km twice.

Rest stops will be available on the 10(12) AND 25(23)kms loops.

This year for the first time the RIDE is limiting cyclists to 10, 25 or 50km (6, 15 or 30 mile), or 5km walk distances only.

All riders 12 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.

What to Bring

What to Bring

  • a helmet (mandatory for all riders)
  • your bike (or walking shoes!)
  • warm layers with moisture repelling clothing if cold or windy
  • a cell phone for emergencies - recommended but not required
  • your "My Results Form" - downloaded from the fundraising portal
  • a signed copy of your waiver form (RIDERS / WALKERS 17 or under must have a parent or guardian sign their waiver form)
  • any cash, or cheques made out to "Ride for Refuge"
  • extra food or snacks if you have allergies or food sensitivities
  • a passion for the charity you're riding or walking for

October can be cool, with rain and wind. The weather might also be gorgeous and sunny. Be sure to keep your eye on the forecast!

Contact Info

Toronto East

Danny Wong Event Director
Phone: 647.667.0836


All routes are generously marked with bright RIDE signage, staffed by friendly volunteers, and include rest stops with water and snacks along the way.

QR Code5km5km WALK
QR Code5/10kmThis is a kid-safe, paved trail cycling route -- 2.5km out and return for a total of 5km. THIS IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR JUNIOR or NEW RIDERS.
QR Code10km12 kms leisure route. This is also known locally as the North Scarborough Green Loop
QR Code25kmAdvance route for riders with experience riding in Toronto major artery traffic.
View Toronto East Scoreboard >
Captain: Gerry Normand
Raised: $7,561.00 | Members: 17
2. Sprit of Toronto First
Captain: Lyle Clark
Raised: $5,885.00 | Members: 6
3. Friends of the FCJ Refugee Centre!
Captain: John Carlaw
Raised: $5,310.00 | Members: 10
4. Living Daylights
Captain: Michelle de Koning
Raised: $5,280.00 | Members: 14
5. Homeless Connect Toronto Riders
Captain: Melody Li
Raised: $4,855.00 | Members: 8
6. Christie Staff and Friends
Captain: Noelia Delgado
Raised: $4,150.00 | Members: 13
7. Central District Dream Team
Captain: Jeffrey Jefford
Raised: $4,044.00 | Members: 11
8. Rights for Precarious Migrants
Captain: Francisco Rico
Raised: $4,036.00 | Members: 7
9. No Pain, No GAiN
Captain: Jerry H B Chee
Raised: $3,786.00 | Members: 6
10. Rider's of Grace
Captain: Roger Visser
Raised: $3,370.00 | Members: 17
11. RJ Riders
Captain: Adrian (Ed) Vandenberg
Raised: $3,155.00 | Members: 2
12. MCBC Koinonia
Captain: Hannah Chan
Raised: $2,635.60 | Members: 10
13. Homeless Connect Toronto - Race Pace
Captain: Andrew Tom
Raised: $2,525.00 | Members: 8
14. Salt & Pepper
Captain: Ana Cristina Bonadonna
Raised: $2,230.00 | Members: 2
15. Ride for the Lighthouse
Captain: Man Pan (Victor) Tse
Raised: $2,155.00 | Members: 3
16. Mennonite Boys and Girls Can Ride
Captain: Brian Quan
Raised: $1,930.00 | Members: 6
17. Toronto Joy Riders
Captain: Joanna Boutilier
Raised: $1,830.00 | Members: 4
18. Team EMI Toronto
Captain: Eleanor Siow
Raised: $1,675.00 | Members: 6
19. Slowly but Surely
Captain: Sidney Sau
Raised: $1,485.00 | Members: 10
20. TUMC Turtles
Captain: Doug Pritchard
Raised: $1,385.00 | Members: 2
21. Aura Freedom Warriors
Captain: Marissa Kokkoros
Raised: $1,355.00 | Members: 7
22. Riders for Freedom
Captain: Bryan Hardy
Raised: $1,330.00 | Members: 5
23. National Youth Advisory Council
Captain: Melissa Medina
Raised: $1,322.00 | Members: 12
24. FCJ RC
Captain: Haydar M. Ahmed
Raised: $1,250.00 | Members: 10
25. Flat tires
Captain: Timothy Yeung
Raised: $1,250.00 | Members: 4
26. Bayview- Wheelie Pumped
Captain: Stephanie Tam
Raised: $1,226.45 | Members: 8
27. Road Runners
Captain: Charis Clements
Raised: $1,190.00 | Members: 3
28. Toronto WUSC supporters
Captain: David Alexander
Raised: $1,145.00 | Members: 2
29. Try-Cyclers
Captain: David Perecko
Raised: $1,125.00 | Members: 3
30. The Uprooted Walkers
Captain: Heather Jessome
Raised: $1,105.00 | Members: 5
31. Micah
Captain: Jose Gonzalez
Raised: $1,105.00 | Members: 3
32. TORONTO central Region Hope Worldwide
Captain: Dr Phil Osagie
Raised: $1,065.00 | Members: 10
Captain: KEN LEUNG
Raised: $1,055.00 | Members: 8
34. TCM
Captain: Hyo Joo Esther Yoo
Raised: $955.00 | Members: 3
35. SOS Childrens Villages - Kids for Kids (Toronto)
Captain: Claire MacDonald
Raised: $900.00 | Members: 3
36. Aura Freedom Ruff Ryders
Captain: David Garratt
Raised: $842.00 | Members: 5
37. Arrowbots
Captain: Cindy Fong
Raised: $825.00 | Members: 2
38. NT Peeps
Captain: Terence Ha
Raised: $770.00 | Members: 3
39. Toronto Arise
Captain: Jared Jost
Raised: $705.00 | Members: 3
40. NT Emmanuel
Captain: David Rombough
Raised: $675.00 | Members: 7
41. Peoples Christian Academy
Captain: Mirna Soliman
Raised: $652.55 | Members: 9
42. AIM Arrows Toronto East
Captain: Jeanne McKay
Raised: $475.00 | Members: 2
43. New Directions Toronto Trailblazers
Captain: Billy J. Gekas
Raised: $425.00 | Members: 2
44. JOY-ride with Jenny
Captain: Caitlin Moses
Raised: $400.00 | Members: 3
45. Toronto East
Captain: Janelle Tabangcura
Raised: $395.00 | Members: 3
46. Aura Freedom Knights
Captain: Swan Gurung
Raised: $330.00 | Members: 4
47. Bayview - Cyclopaths
Captain: Gabria Chung
Raised: $285.40 | Members: 2
48. Bayview- Cyclones
Captain: Angela Wu
Raised: $81.85 | Members: 1
49. Bayview- The Cyclomaniacs
Captain: Vaishna Kumaran
Raised: $80.00 | Members: 3
50. Bayview-Kardashians
Captain: Shelly Qian
Raised: $62.45 | Members: 1
51. Aura Freedom Fighters
Captain: Steven Cheung
Raised: $50.00 | Members: 2
52. Bayview - Jiyas
Captain: Jiya Hai
Raised: $38.00 | Members: 2
53. Bayview- Potatoes
Captain: Jen Wan
Raised: $30.00 | Members: 1
54. Aura Freedom DJ Kleff Nation
Captain: Nikhil Khakhar
Raised: $0.00 | Members: 1
55. We Walk Hard
Captain: Medhavi Gautam
Raised: $0.00 | Members: 1
56. Omie's Homies
Captain: Tahmid Omar
Raised: $0.00 | Members: 1
57. The Chows
Captain: Gavin James
Raised: $0.00 | Members: 1
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