OMF Canada

With teams in Toronto Downtown, Orillia

September 30, 2017


Raised: $8,360.25|Goal: $10,000



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Captain: Melissa Leung
$2,285.25 | 5 Members
2TeamO Nemo
Captain: Michelle Chiu
$2,010.00 | 14 Members
3Verdell's OMF Team
Captain: Verdell Goulding
$1,740.00 | 5 Members
Captain: Lee Wong
$1,255.00 | 1 Members
5Severn Cycling
Captain: Leona Gowanlock
$1,070.00 | 5 Members

About OMF Canada

OMF Canada inspires and enables the Canadian Church to care for the physical & spiritual needs of East Asia's people.

The Need?

Hard to believe, but nearly 1 out of every 3 people in the world are still waiting to hear about Jesus—they have no idea who He is.

They have no churches in their community.

They have no Christian neighbours.

No one has ever told them about Jesus.

And they will never hear about Him until someone learns their language and culture and goes to tell them.

God desires to have a relationship with all people. He has told us the only way this can happen is through a knowledge of Jesus. He has told us to be the means of telling others through our words and actions. Yet we have 670 million people in East Asia who are still waiting to hear.

Ride with us and your effort will help address the spiritual inequality of some people knowing how to enter into a relationship with God, while many others are still waiting to hear.

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