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How do I get a pledge form?

Once you register as a rider or team captain, you can sign in to your personal RIDE page and have a pledge form emailed to you immediately. You may also download it directly from the Ride Tools page.

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Can I accept cheques?

Yes, have them made out to "Ride for Refuge" with your name on the memo line. These can be brought with your pledge forms and any cash you collect for registration on RIDE Day.

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Do Canadian RIDE locations accept US Donors, and vice versa?

Anyone can give with a valid credit card. However, only Canadian donors will receive an eligible charitable receipt when donating to a Canadian RIDE, and only American donors will receive an eligible charitable receipt when donating to a US RIDE.

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How do I add cash/cheques so they show up in my fundraising thermometer?

Sign in to your personal RIDE page and click on "Enter $$ and Cheques", then fill in the form below, including (where possible) the email of the donor as well as the amount of pledge, cash or cheque, then click "Add Donation".

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What if I receive a cheque that's made out to me and not the RIDE?

If you receive cash or cheques made payable to YOU, please go onto your Personal Fundraising Page, under "Manage Cash and Cheques" and enter in the donor information there. You then have one of two choices:

Pay the donations online with your credit card and keep the cash/personal cheques. By doing so, you deem your donations "complete" and nothing else needs to be done or sent to us. OR...

Bank the cash and personal cheques and mail us a cheque from YOU, payable to Ride for Refuge, in the amount of your total funds received. Mail to address above with your completed pledge form.

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I'd like to pay my cash donations by personal cheque or credit card. Can I do this?

Definitely! Once you've recorded your cash donations online, you can pay them through our website with your personal credit card to avoid lugging an envelope filled with cash around. Sign-in to your personal fundraising page and click on "Fundraising", and then click "Enter $$ or Cheques". Scroll down to your list of pledges and click the 'pay' button next to the pledge you’d like to pay by credit card. This will take you to a payment gateway to complete the transaction.

If you'd like to pay with personal cheque, be sure to enter your cash pledges online and then total your cash donations. Write out your cheque to "Ride for Refuge" on the memo line. Bring this with you on RIDE day with your completed list of pledges, and you're all set.

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When do donors get receipts?

Online donors who give securely with their credit cards get e-receipts within minutes of their donations. Donors who give cheques or cash are receipted within 60 days of the event by regular email or post (for donations of $20 or more).

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How do I raise money?

Once you register online you can use the online fundraising system to send your friends and family a link to your personal fundraising page. There, they can give to you securely online by credit card. Alternately, you can download a pledge form, print it out and ask people face-to-face for support. For more information on raising money, visit the Tools area.

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I’m having trouble printing my PDF receipt – it looks fine on my computer screen, but prints blank or nonsense characters.

Try this:

Save a copy of the receipt to your computer, and open it using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Click File > Print

On the print dialogue window that pops up, click on "Advanced" in bottom left corner

In the new box that appears, click the check box next to "Print as Image"

Click OK, then click OK in the original window to print.

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What gifts get receipted?

We issue charitable tax receipts for donations of $20 or more. Gifts made online with a credit card get automatically receipted, while cash or cheque gifts given in at the registration table on RIDE Day will be receipted by email or regular mail within 60 days of the event.

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Oops -- I accidentally donated to a team instead of to an individual rider (or gave to the wrong rider). Can you move my donation?

Yes! Contact us, and we'll move it for you. We'll need to know:

the name of the donor

the amount of the donation

who they had given to originally (rider or team name), and

who they would like the donation moved to

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My Team has raised some cash and cheque donations -- where do I input these?

There is no way to record cash or cheque donations directly to your team in our fundraising system.

If your TEAM, rather than a specific team member, has raised some cash and/or cheque donations, you'll need to make a decision -- you can either a) record these donations under your team captain, who will then hand in the money at registration on RIDE Day, or b) pick one of your team members to record the donation, and then they will hand in the money on RIDE Day.

Either way, the amount that each rider has recorded in pledges on their personal account must match the amount that they hand in at the registration table on RIDE Day.

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